Allied Reliability is excited to present discussions on the challenges and opportunities for reliability and maintenance. Our experts will share their thoughts on overcoming today’s challenges with asset management best practices, case studies, and digital technologies during this webinar series.

The Reliability Journey – How a US Chemical Company Transformed Their Asset Maintenance Approach

  Wednesday, July 28, 2021  -  12:00 PM CDT

See how the implementation of an equipment maintenance strategy, a Bad Actors Program, and Precision Skills training took a US chemical company on a journey toward a planned state, with many steps in between, to avoid future failures. Key areas of discussion include change management and project governance, asset health management, and master data management for achieving best outcomes and enhancing overall operational performance.

  • Art Richards, Senior Reliability Professional - Allied Reliability
  • Brian Bradberry, Reliability Professional - Allied Reliability

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US Chemical Case Study Part II - Continuous Monitoring System for Reciprocating Compressors

  Wednesday, August 4, 2021  -  12:00 PM CDT

In this webinar, see how a US chemical plant implemented the Bruel & Kjaer Vibro continuous monitoring solution on two very critical reciprocating compressors to enable 24/7 monitoring and safety shutdown protection. We will discuss the advantages of the solution along with some of the considerations and lessons learned in the development of this project.

  • Ernest McCurdy, Vice President - Engineering - T.F. Hudgins
  • Orlando Sierraalta, Applications Engineer - T.F. Hudgins

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Condition-Based Maintenance without Work Execution: A Waste of Time, Effort, and Money

  Wednesday, August 11, 2021  -  12:00 PM CDT

Condition monitoring techniques and technology offer seemingly endless capability to the maintenance and reliability leader. As technologies evolve, we find ourselves with massive amounts of data that can be used to indicate defects in our assets nearer their inception, often in real-time, providing us with the opportunity to nip them in the bud. That is if we really mobilize in a systematic manner to address these defects. This presentation will discuss what happens after a defect is identified, and how an organization can shape an appropriate response leveraging work execution processes. A case study will be highlighted along with some of the common traps that an organization may fall prey to.

  • Michael Gehloff, Principal Consultant - Allied Reliability

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Beyond the Technology: Process Change, Education, and Change Management

  Wednesday, August 18, 2021  -  12:00 PM CDT

There is a wide gap between those who are successful in implementing new technology and those who lag.  Those organizations that are successful tend to be the ones that look beyond technology and consider the role that process change, education, and change management play in the successful adoption and application of technology. In this presentation, we’ll discuss how addressing these factors while implementing a technology helps to best leverage the functionality of the new technology. We’ll also highlight a case study where a chemical processing company sustained gains with this approach.

  • Michael Aroney, Sr. Reliability Solutions Consultant - Allied Reliability

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Designing ESG within an Asset Management Framework

  Wednesday, August 25, 2021  -  12:00 PM CDT

Corporate responsibility with respect to environment and social principles as well as overarching governance is increasingly viewed as necessary and of strategic importance. While the drivers for environment, social, and governance (ESG) advancement may vary, the implementations tend to follow several parallel paths. This presentation will discuss how identifying asset management (AM) competencies necessary to achieve specific ESG goals is not complex; however, assessing present state, designing roadmaps, and deploying these competencies can be challenging. We'll also highlight a case study where a company successfully implemented these principles within its AM framework.

  • Chris Colson, Director of Strategic Account Sales - Allied Reliability
  • Rob MacNeil, President and Principal - MacNeil Asset Performance Management

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Condition Analysis Programs for Reciprocating Compressors

  Wednesday, September 1, 2021  -  12:00 PM CDT

Maximize productivity and ensure safer operations for reciprocating compressors with advanced techniques for gathering, analyzing, and interpreting information. In this presentation, you will learn how these processes help you identify equipment and machinery issues that impede optimized performance, enabling you to work more efficiently to save time and money. We will look at a real-life example where a chemical plant improved performance and reduced costs by implementing condition analysis programs.

  • Tom Sparks, Technical Sales & Project Management - T.F. Hudgins

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Advanced Fluid Analytics

  Wednesday, September 8, 2021  -  12:00 PM CDT

Molecular fluid analytics has consistently identified degradation inside machines much earlier than other condition monitoring technologies. When acted upon in a timely manner, profitable results are realized and more workflows through planning and scheduling, avoiding urgent or emergency work in the future. In this presentation, we partner with 4Atmos to discuss how working with operations, maintenance and reliability teams and customers to correlate the fluid sample results data with asset sensor analog data provide the highest level of advance notice ahead of a catastrophic failure, enabling you to significantly reduce downtime.

  • Keith Macaluso, Business Development Manager - T.F. Hudgins
  • Ken Stevens, Executive Vice President - 4Atmos

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