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Common Traps in Your Proactive Maintenance Plans

Posted by Mike Gehloff on Mar 2, 2015 1:49:45 PM


Let’s face it. Often times, our proactive maintenance strategies are a mess (I decided to just get that out there in the first sentence and not try to dance around the issue). Show of virtual hands, Thumbs Up if you feel that your proactive maintenance plan is the right one for you – one that produces real results and is streamlined and efficient. Thumbs Down if you feel that this program is a paper-tiger, eats up far too many valuable resources, does not provide the value that we really need, and is one of your most significant opportunities for improvement. If you voted Thumbs Up, this article is probably not for you. If you voted Thumbs Down, please read on.

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Maintenance Planning and Scheduling? With all of these Emergencies?

Posted by Mike Gehloff on May 7, 2014 3:20:02 AM

2 Reasons Why a Maintenance Work Schedule is Important:

Ask any manager working in an industrial setting if the would like to see a weekly work schedule developed and they will of course reply to the affirmative.
Now sit them down and explain the amount of effort and coordination that it will take to achieve this and most will run for the hills as if  both the Hatfields and McCoys are chasing them.

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In Order to Succeed at Increasing Uptime... You Have to Believe You Can!

Posted by Mike Gehloff on Apr 20, 2014 9:55:49 AM

We sit down for our weekly maintenance scheduling meeting and present our operations counterparts with a schedule that requires 4 hours of downtime in the middle of the week. They immediately start horse-trading and ask questions like “can you do it in 3 hours?” or “can’t we just skip it this week?” Why do they ask such questions? It is because they do not really believe that these proactive maintenance tasks are necessary; they don’t believe that they add any value.

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