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Do you have an Effective Failure Elimination Program? If so please share it with us.

Posted by Mike Gehloff on Jan 5, 2013 11:32:21 AM
Mike Gehloff


Failure Reporting Process Map for MTBF - Just my thoughts

How good is your organization at identifying failures? Of course you see failures when they occur, but can you identify when recurring failures are creating serious equipment reliability issues? Most companies begin applying RCA or RCFA to “high value failures”. While this is not wrong, I prefer to either not see the failure in the first place, or at the least, to reduce the failures to a controllable level.

Here are a few items I believe a Failure Elimination program should have the ability to accomplish at the minimum.

  • Identify future failures
  • Identify negative and positive reliability trends at the part/component level
  • Validate new work processes
  • Validate equipment modifications
  • Validate maintenance procedure changes
  • Validate a new or current safety program
  • Validate a new PM/PdM program

What have you seen work and not work? Please share your ideas on this Blog (see comment section below) and let's help each other make a serious difference in 2013.

Thank you,

Ricky Smith CMRP CMRT

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